Parasailing in Cancun

Parasailing in Cancun on a beautiful sunny day, life is tough.

A while back we were invited to try parasailing in Cancun and review this popular activity, and we’re so glad we did, it was a fantastic time. If you’ve never parasailed before get it on your bucket list now and experience the unique sensation of freedom.

We were taken out to the boat by Jetski which was an adventure in itself, Jose enjoyed giving us the full repertoire of jetski acrobatics. Bouncing off the waves can be pretty vigorous so make sure you keep hold of your sunglasses, I nearly lost mine.

Parasailing in Cancun

Hola amigos

Once on board the boat, you’re given a quick instruction and safety run down and then asked to sign your life away, the usual waiver form absolving them of any responsibility should the line break and you get blown out to sea, just kidding, its standard practice.

Once strapped in you will start by ascending from the platform on the stern of the vessel, it’s really smooth and takes you out to 80 meters.

Parascending in Cancun

Up, up and away

I expected it to be quite windy and noisy but it’s actually the total opposite, the silence is quite eerie at first but then you are overcome with an extraordinary feeling of peace and tranquillity. You usually get about twenty minutes in the air but I’m sure we were up there for 30 at least.

Parasailing in Cancun

Always make time for a quick kiss

Slowly they will reel you back in, let the guys know beforehand if you’re up for it and they will take you for a brief splash down in the water, don’t worry you only get your legs wet. Finally you are pulled back on to the landing platform at the back of the boat.

We really enjoyed ourselves, (a big thank you to Jose and the rest of the crew) and definitely recommend everyone having a go.

Parasailing adventure in Cancun

Parasailing in Cancun

Choice of departures throughout the day

Fantastic aerial views

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