Travel Tips

We all want a stress free holiday, use this check list of travel tips to ensure everything goes smoothly and that you get to enjoy the holiday you worked so hard for.

Travel tipsRoll Clothes – Instead of folding your clothes, roll them, It’s a lot quicker, prevents your clothes from creasing and gives you plenty more space in your suitcase. If you’re packing items that do require folding rather than rolling, fold tissue paper into them, this will help reduce any wrinkles and creases.

Dryer Sheet – place a dryer sheet in the bottom of your case. This will ensure that your clothes smell fresh and clean whilst on your holidays.

Don’t Forget a Hat – Whether you’re going to somewhere cold or somewhere hot a hat should be on your list. It can either keep you warm or protect you from the sun rays.

First Aid – Always take a small first aid kit. If you do need to seek professional help whilst you’re away, pop into a local pharmacy first. If you head straight to the hotel doctor, you might end up with unnecessary treatment and a steep medical bill.

Loose Wires – Keep any loose wires and electrics in a zip-lock bag to prevent them from getting tangled up in your bag.

USB Ports – If you forget your travel adaptor, check the back of the TV in your hotel room, most of them have a USB port where you can charge your phone without having to use a plug.

Airplane Mode – To speed up charging time between sightseeing, sunbathing and checking out the local bars put your phone on airplane mode whilst it’s charging, it charges a lot quicker.

Forgotten Items – Check at your hotel reception because they often have complimentary items such as soap, shaving cream and toothpaste. They will sometimes even have phone chargers left behind by previous guests.

Ear Plugs – Ear plugs are a handy accessory on holiday, whether it’s to block out the crying baby on the plane, the late night music playing, a noisy air conditioning unit or your partners snoring.

Camera – Don’t forget your camera and take plenty of photos. You can always delete the ones you don’t like. It’s a good idea to email your pictures to yourself just in case you lose your camera.

Travel Documents – You should also make sure that you’ve made copies of all your important documents before you travel: your passport, booking confirmation, tickets, insurance etc. Again mail them to yourself so that you can easily access them from any computer.

Bank Cards – let your bank know you’re going on holiday before using your credit or debit card overseas. The last thing you need is for your card to be swallowed up by an ATM machine your bank to block it because they assume that fraudulent activity is taking place.

Foreign Currency – Don’t change your money at the airport! You’ll get a better rate exchanging it either before you go or when you are at your resort. The best way though is to use an ATM when you are there.

Flying – Try to avoid sitting at the back of the plane if you are a nervous flier, you’ll feel more turbulence there than anywhere else on the plane. The best place to sit is over the wings for a smoother journey. Don’t forget to take a walk every now and then to keep the blood flowing.

Beat the Queues – Mark your suitcase as ‘Fragile’ even if it isn’t. This way, the airline will take more care of it and are likely to put it on top of all the other luggage, meaning it will be the one of the first out on to the luggage conveyor belt.

Travel TipsPacking Space –Take some vacuum sealed bags to put your clothes in. You’ll be amazed at how much more room you’ll be left with after using them for those souvenirs.

Dirty Shoes – Avoid ruining your clothes and place your shoes in one of the free shower caps provided in your hotel bathroom.

Water Bottles – Take a reusable water bottle with you or buy one at your resort and keep filling it up when possible to avoid spending all your money on water to keep hydrated and cool.

Language – Locals will love you if you make an effort to at least learn the basics such as ‘hello’, ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’. You’ll be surprised at how much more service you will get.

Airport Toilets – Don’t use the first toilets that you come to when you get off the plane because everyone else will no doubt have the same idea. Wait until the next ones and you won’t find yourself standing on a long queue.

Enjoy Your Holiday.

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